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Plastic waste recycling plant (LMW)

The efficient disposal of contaminated materials including raw and processed plastic materials which cannot be efficiently recycled are often an issue to the environment.

Scrap plastic materials such as cross-linked plastics, cured and vulcanized rubber, mixed or contaminated plastics, plastic and rubber purges, plastic parts, and synthetic fibers require feasible scrap recycling solutions.

Preference provides the resources for post industrial scrap materials, enabling us to reach out to our customers with comprehensive waste

management programmes. We are committed to total scrap plastic waste management solutions for companies that are producing scrap plastic as well as other common scrap materials related to the plastic industry. We deal in all types of plastics waste like I/C tray and I/C tube scraps, vacuum packing trays and plastic recycle resins.

Our facilities provide the capabilities to prevent and minimize plastic waste, optimum utilization of available resources, re-using and recycling, so as to protect and preserve the environment.