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Summary of Products and Services Eletronic waste recycling plant (SW110) Plastic waste recycling plant (LMW) Chemical waste recycling plant  (SW204/206/322/323/305/306/307/409/410) Solder waste recycling plant
 (SW104 / 325)
Scrap purchase service
 (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals)
Solid waste disposal service
 (Value & Non-Value Trash)
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Summary of Products and services

Scheduled Wastes Malaysia Scheduled Waste Code
Metal hydroxide sludge SW 204
Spent inorganic acid SW 206
Waste of non-halogenated organic solvent SW 322
Waste of halogenerated organic solvent SW 323
Spent coolant SW 307
Contaminated metal container SW 409
Contaminated plastic container SW 409
Contaminated plastic, filters and rags SW 410
Spent lubricating oil SW 305
Spent hydraulic oil SW 306
Silver Epoxy SW 325
Metal Contaminated with coolant SW 422
Electronic Waste SW 110
Solder Dross SW 104
Solder Paste SW 325
Plastics scrap LMW
Non-Ferrous Metals
Ferrous Metals
Value (Recyclable) Trash
Value (Non Recyclable) Trash